Rupp's Living Legends by Dan Issel, Cotton Nash and Johnny Cox

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signed by Dan Issel, Cotton Nash and Johnny Cox


An amazing tribute print to some of the most successful players from the Rupp era of UK basketball.  These players were all still living at the time of this print release circa Nov 2017 thus the name "Living Legends".  Players featured on the print include, as shown counter clockwise in the print, are Cotton Nash, Pat Riley, Louie Dampier, Dan Issel, Vernon Hatton, Frank Ramsey, Assistant Coach Joe B. Hall, Johnny Cox, Mike Pratt and Cliff Hagan.  A wonderful addition for the avid UK fan to add to their UK print collection from the golden era of Kentucky basketball.  Print measures 14 1/2 by 20 1/2.

This print is also hand signed by artist David Blondell.